If you are considering Vintage Grass as your wedding band then you are, by definition, a seeker. You are not trying to recreate everyone else’s wedding; you want your own party. With us providing the soundtrack of your special day, you and your guests will never forget how pure and natural your wedding day was.

We are perfectly sized for a small gathering in the woods but we can also fill up a good-sized ballroom with our flexible PA capabilities. We can mic up your officiant, as well as provide a wireless mic for toasts around the dining room.

The Ceremony

As a duo or trio we offer light string music, unplugged and acoustic, as your guests arrive. Upbeat, pleasant instrumental songs played on guitar, mandolin and bass (or whatever configuration you prefer), will keep your guests entertained without demanding their attention. Planners love us. Weddings rarely go off on time and we are totally flexible and prepared with a deep repertoire of tunes to keep the congregation pacified.


That walk down the aisle is a bride’s opportunity to express her individuality. Many of our brides request Lauren’s Lullaby, a tune written by David, as the background for their walk down the aisle.  But if you have something special in mind, we are happy to work up an arrangement and have it ready for you.

One bride asked for a song from a video she found on YouTube called ‘Autumn’ which we recorded. Listen to it here:

Other songs we’ve done on request include:

All You Need is Love by The Beatles

The First Day of My Life by Bright Eyes

Galway Gal by Steve Earle

Pachelbel’s Canon in D

Van Morrison: Crazy Love, Into the Mystic


Upbeat renditions of Soldier’s Joy or Gold Rush, two bluegrass standard instrumentals, make for the perfect exit music. Again if you have a specific piece in mind, we can work it up especially for your day.

Higher and Higher by Sam Cooke

Cocktail Hour
You may want light background music providing a delicate sonic fabric over which your guests won’t need to shout while getting to know a new acquaintance or catching up with long lost relatives. We can do that. On the other hand, you may want to give the gift of authentic, professionally rendered bluegrass music to some dear friends or relatives who know and love the genre. They will be pleasantly surprised, we promise.


Admittedly, bluegrass can be a challenge to dance to but we’ve seen it done. Just add the right amount of liquid encouragement and there’s not much a motivated dancer can’t do! Think barn dance. Usually the dance phase of the reception has the couple’s first dance and father/daughter and mother/son dances. We can offer wonderful numbers like Randy Travis’ Forever and Ever, Amen, Tim O’Brien’s More Love, James Taylor’s How Sweet it is (to be Loved by You), or My Dear Someone by Gillian Welch and David Rawlings, to name just a few.
Vintage Grass has performed literally hundreds of weddings, and are uniquely suited to provide whatever you need for your perfect day. Please reach out to us through our contact form, or by calling Seven Zero Seven, Three Three Seven, Five Six Four One. We look forward to being your wedding music resource!

Our bassist, Jeff King. Great singer, good comedian!

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